Why Corners?

Football Corner Betting Strategy

Why do i mainly spend 90% of my bets in the corner market? I believe that there is a lot more value to be had with corners than goals. Ever since focusing my attention on corners, I’ve seen my win/loss stay in the +. If you want to make money from betting this is of course the most important thing.No? If you don’t agree, then just maybe this page isn’t for you. Follow my Twitter now

Niche Market 

Corners being a niche market means  a lot of the bookmakers tend to spend more time with the other markets… makes sense, these markets are more popular. The upside to this is, they tend to over value a lot of bets, meaning money can be made.

Find Value

If you are a serious football better and want to make money, then finding the value in a bet is everything. Specialising in the corner market for over 4 years, I’ve found its easier to find value. I firmly believe that there is not much point on betting on odds of 1/2 or below, why? Winning two of these bets at those odds is the equivalent to winning at evens. With the corner market can regular hit odds of 3/1 and above.

Now if you are still reading this, below I’m going to show you my point system and then my strategy with an example

Betting Point System

What is a betting point system? A points system is a common occurrence in betting where YOU decide how much a point is. A betting point system is an easy way to have control over your stakes and work up how much you are truly up.

We all have that one friend who is always winning but somehow ends up being down by the end of the month? Most of the time, they bet different amount on each bet and have no system. Having a point system and sticking to it, is the best way to stay in profit over a long time period.

My point system (£16 a point)

  • £4 – Chance (Odds of above 15/1)
  • £8 – Slightly confident (High odds bet)
  • £16 – Confident
  • £32 – Very confident
  • £80 – Extremely confident (5 Points)

My Football Corner Betting Strategy

A little insight in how I find bets with VALUE. I only bet on teams that are losing and preferable losing by 2 goals. If this is the case and they are also the favourite team, this would make it a very confident bet for me. Why?  If a team is winning by two goals and the favourite the tend to sit back and defend the 18 yard box, defend narrow. This leaves teams to attack the free space which tends to be wide…This then hopefully leads to many many CORNERS.


This is a perfect example to what I’m looking for. Millwall went 3-0 up, an added bonus is they are the away team. After going 3-0 up Millwall started to sit deep and defend lead


Check Corner Statistics 

I use a very helpful tool to get all the team corner stats that are needed to make a call on wherever to make the bet. Cornerstat.com has all the info you need.

In the info on the left, we can see Notm Forest are good team to deliver on corners when drawing or losing. In there last 3 games they had more corners than the other teams. Game before Millwall they reached 11 corners whilst losing.

Millwall also can get a lot of corners but only really when they are losing or drawing. All very good signs. 


Making The Bets

All info needed at this point. I go ahead and put the bets on using the point system. Easy to see here how confident I am. If I truly believe in a bet & the stats back it up, I will tend to back a lot of the different corner markets available. As the match goes on, heading into the business end of the game (70 Minutes Onwards) I will look to back certain markets again, I’ve found this very profitable


Why have I done this blog? I want to show people that have a corner betting strategy can be lucrative, whilst sticking to a strategy and most importantly a point system. This betting strategy works for ME, it may not work for you.

Want you can do is follow my Twitter keep up to date with my tips. If you read this and go away and implement it yourself and win, then this blog has achieved what I set out to do.

Remember don’t waste your time following “Tipsters” who post 1/2 odds bets on very strange leagues. Find value and hit odds of at least evens.

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