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Welcome to a new website specialising in the corner betting market. I’ve been betting on football for around 10 years and what I slowly started to realise, so did my bank balance is that the corner market is the most profitable for ME! I have my own formula in finding certain games to bet on. When I first started, I would spend time betting on teams in some very strange leagues… once you learn to stay away from these, you can focus on the formula and money can be made. I have been in profit ever since sticking to a plan. Follow me for your free football tips now

Why Is It Free?

This website was made when the country was in a lockdown; as I write this we are currently in isolation! When you see this we should be out of quarantine.  I started sending my friends tips and saw them slowely starting to get into a + Win/Loss, so I thought i would give this a go. What I noticed was that the people receiving the tips started to pick up on my formula and in a month were sending me winning bets.

My Win/loss

Why am I showing you this? Is it that spectacular? No probably no… but what it does show is solid, achievable money that can be made. Isn’t it crazy when you see tipsters showing you profit margins of tens of thousand of pound? If you believe that you, and all there other followers win this regularly, than please don’t follow me because that will not happen. What I can HOPEFULLY show you is a steady profit and some education on my formula that works for ME.

Why the capitals? A lot of tipsters promise way to much and always under deliver, I have fallen for this fad on many different tipsters that I thought were amazing, after being in their “VIP” groups you soon realise they bet on anything and everything… leaving them to (in my opinion) rely on luck. Betting is of course not a sure thing and you do need a little luck, but luck sure helps when you have solid stats and stay away from leagues & teams that you’ve never heard before.

Win Loss Bet365


Head over and follow my twitter now, this will be your chance to get my current bets. Please remember to turn notifications on. Check out my blog, here I will be sharing some of the key things that I look at when researching for the next bet.

Many Thanks – Harry

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